YMCA Personal Trainer

We have all been told many times over how important it is to become and stay fit for life. So what better way than to enjoy your bespoke fitness workout with a well qualified instructor? I have over 15 years experience devising tailor made workout programs for my clients no matter what age or state of health and fitness you’re in. If you want to find a female personal trainer look no further. Give me a ring for your free initial consultation now.

Studies have shown that exercise behaviour (how often/how much you train), balance, confidence, health, fitness and looks improve very quickly when you work out with a fitness instructor motivating you all the way.

My role as a YMCA personal trainer is to help you set goals and achieve them quickly while you’re having great fun. Your bespoke specialised program will build on your strengths and improve your weaker points so you’ll soon reach your target. Ongoing dietary advice is part of my coaching for health and happiness program.

There are numerous courses available educating sports trainers to different levels of expertise. The Central YMCA personal trainer certification encompasses 10 different disciplines of health and fitness and is one of the highest qualification a fitness instructor can gain. It provides a profound theoretical and working knowledge of the body’s skeleton and support structures like muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is held in very high regards assuring you that you’ll be working with one of the best sports coaches.

My programs will help improve body composition, physical performance and it will help you slim down and stay slim. I’ll pay close attention to your exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan and as a result we’ll have you look and feel gorgeous in no time at all. Check my clients’ testimonials to find out how they are benefiting from their personal training with me.