Welcome to Specialised Personal Training

On-going research consistently highlights the benefits that regular fitness training has on our health and well-being. Did you know that regular personal training exercises can help push back the barriers of biological ageing by as much as 25 years by working out with an experienced personal trainer? Regular fitness training has also been shown to help reduce stress while you work out to get fit. Health and Happiness go hand-in-hand. Don’t lose out achieving both! When you decide to do your personal training in Wilmslow with me the process of improving your health, fitness and well-being becomes a convenient and enjoyable choice.

I am a highly qualified personal trainer in Wilmslow with a proven track record of more than 12 years delivering great results whether you want to do fitness training, lose weight or say good bye to back pain. You can choose to train at my own private gym, do your fitness training at home, the park or your place of work. Whatever your age, your state of health or your current fitness level personal training with me is your best choice. This includes a personalised fitness program tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

I place great emphasis on the safety and excellence of your fitness routines making them fun and effective at the same time. As your personal trainer in Wilmslow I keep you motivated to ensure that you reach your goal. Whether you want to work out to lose weight, are recovering from illness or want to improve your athletic performance, I have the ultimate specialised training program for you.

You may not only want to get fit at home and improve your health but you may also want to work out to lose weight. I am here to offer you advice on nutrition, weight management and I’ll assist you to make the necessary lifestyle changes. Together we’ll have you looking and feeling your best in the shortest possible time.

I am a long standing member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, which is your guarantee that you train with the best personal trainer in the field.  As you embrace your, new, healthier lifestyle you’ll notice many improvements in how you feel and look and this is why personal training with me is such a positive choice for you.

I offer a free initial consultation during which we to get to know each other and discuss your particular requirements. My prices are highly competitive and you can book single sessions or blocks of ten sessions to receive a 10% discount. And you can train by yourself or with a partner or even buy sessions as a present for your friends/family; the choice is yours.