Weight Loss

Where ever you go, whoever you talk to: weight loss, weight management, diets, meal plans, the best way to lose weight or how to lose weight fast are topics no one can escape these days. The reason is simple as fewer and fewer people in our western society are the correct weight for their height. And this doesn’t only start in adulthood; I know plenty of children and teenagers who are over weight or already obese! It can’t escape anyone’s attention that being over weight poses a huge health risk, so it is very important to entertain the idea of weight management and to find the best way to lose weight safely.

Joining a Slimming Club usually only leads to short term weight loss because you normally follow a set diet which will soon be boring and impractical with today’s tendency to eat out recreational. More importantly though you won’t learn about food and nutrition and the healthiest way to lose weight. Most people will only be driven to what is known as yo-yo-dieting and end up heavier than ever having failed many attempts to lose weight fast. If you want to escape the diet trap and learn how to change your body weight for life check out my Healthy Living seminars that teach you how to devise delicious healthy meals for all the family.

It is often not only the amount of food we eat that makes us fat but we frequently chose the wrong kinds of foods. Do you know that the combination of fat and simple carbohydrates in brand name burgers stimulate the same receptors in the brain as A-class drugs? Know this and it becomes obvious why so many of us return to their premises for food again and again. Likewise, the taste enhancer glutamate is an additive in most ready meals resulting directly in unwanted weight gain so they do not belong in your meal plans.

Making good nutritional choices can help eliminate heartburn and many of today’s lifestyle diseases. Good weight management also provides you with boundless energy. So don’t waste any more of your valuable time with yo-yo diets; ask me for help to achieve your goal because sensible eating combined with regular physical exercise is the quickest and best way to life long weight loss success.

Before we start your weight management and exercise program there are a few things to know like your BMI (Body Mass Index) which is the relation of your body weight to your height. But more accurate is the BFP or Body Fat Percentage as this takes lean muscle into account. I will then help you start losing weight with plenty of advice on healthy food swaps and my tips for healthy eating.

I will teach you the best way to lose weight and how to stay slim and healthy once you reached your target feeling fantastic about your success. You will have learnt how to enjoy healthy food and get active the way you love best. You will understand calories and food labels. You will realise that you can do ten or fifteen minute workouts between sessions and keep your weight off for good. And of course I’ll keep you motivated all the way to your weight loss target. Embrace Specialised Personal Training today for a slimmer, happier and healthier you. Ring me now for your free initial consultation to your permanent weight loss program.