Special Fitness Groups

Regular physical exercise is for every single one of us, not only for the young, fit and healthy. In fact, to stay at the best possible health keeping your independence (avoid or delay having to move into a nursing home) regular fitness training is extremely important especially if you are a mature adult.

I am a highly qualified personal trainer with a proven track record of helping my clients reach their fitness goals easily and safely,  may they be children, older adults, chair bound or suffer with any of the modern lifestyle diseases like, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, lower back pain or obesity. I am able to prescribe bespoke exercises for special fitness groups no matter what age you are or what state of health you are in! Many of my mature adult clients have made remarkable progress in the shortest period of time! If you have a burning desire to succeed as well, contact me here.

Because of my GP Exercise Referral Certification I’m  qualified to prescribe very specialised fitness programs for children whose bodies are still growing, for older adults, anyone with back pain or someone who’s suffered a stroke or had heart surgery. I am qualified to do cardio rehabilitation up to level IV, which means you’ve been discharged from hospital and now need to improve your personal fitness.

If you belong to any of the special fitness groups wanting to improve your health, looks and out-look in life ring me now for your free initial consultation.