Health and fitness are choices that come easily once you attended one of my highly informative seminars in Wilmslow. Well-being, excellent health and fitness are achieved much easier if you know the background of why exercise and healthy eating are such positive choices to be made.

Discover all about food labels and healthy eating as well as fitness training to improve your well-being and have a positive impact on your family and friends. So how do you go about this? This is actually very easy as I offer seminars tailored to your requirements and current knowledge. Give me a ring to check out and book yourself or your group onto one of my seminars. Tuition can be 1-on-1 or in groups; the choice is yours.

Seminar 1: An Introduction to the Seven Components of Total Fitness
This half day introductory seminar into total fitness provides you with the basics to guide you to your new better understanding of a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and provides information about the latest living well tips.
This seminar is available at the weekend or a weekday evening. Give me a ring for available dates.
Price: £55 per person. Group discount available.

Seminar 2: Healthy Living part 1
This two day seminar gives you a broad understanding of a healthy lifestyle and builds on Seminar 1; however Seminar 1 is not necessarily a requirement for you to gain most benefit from this holistic approach of the ins and outs of physical fitness, the benefits of exercises, nutrition, healthy food, a well balanced diet, healthy snacks and how to avoid many of today’s lifestyle diseases.
Healthy Living part 1 is taught as a weekend seminar (some exceptions are possible); 10am till 5pm both days. Refreshments and lunches provided.
Price: £170 per person. Group discount available.

[Joy from Styal wrote in after she completed this seminar: “Dear Dani. Thank you so much for a most enjoyable and informative seminar. You put so much work, time and thought into the course and gave so much of yourself. I felt very pampered and well looked after with lots of tasty nibbles, interesting kcals and lovely lunches. Is there no end to your talent?! Looking forward to the next!!”]

Seminar 3: Healthy Living part 2
This two day seminar offers an expansion on what you’ve learnt in Seminar 2 with a multitude on practical hands-on learning and exercises. By the end of it you’ll have gained a profound understanding of how to make sense of food labels, how to avoid the many pitfalls we are constantly faced with and how to turn your life and diet around to enjoy your new well balanced eating regime and active lifestyle for the optimum feel-good factor. You will know precisely why it is important to exercise and what fitness routine suits you best. And not only that, you’ll be well equipped to use your new knowledge to ensure your family and friends benefit too. What are you waiting for? Give me a ring to start your new healthy future now.

Healthy Living part 2 is taught as a weekend seminar (some exceptions are possible); 10am till 5pm both days. Refreshments and lunches provided.
Price: £170 per person. Group discount available.

Combination Seminars:
To receive the best available discount why not combine the seminars. Contact me for one of the special offers:

Seminar 1 plus Seminar 2 (Introduction to the Seven Components of Total Fitness plus Healthy Living 1);
get this for £200 instead of £225

Seminar 2 and Seminar 3 (Healthy Living 1 plus Healthy Living 2);
only £305 instead of £340

Full package of Seminar 1 plus Seminar 2 and Seminar 3 (Introduction to the Seven Components of Total Fitness plus Healthy Living 1 and Healthy Living 2);
receive a massive saving! Only £340 instead of £395! (you’re getting Seminar 1 totally free!)

The above prices are per person. There is also group discount available on any combination of seminars. Ring me to find out how much you’ll benefit from your choices.

Residential weeks coming soon. Watch this space!

[Elina who has done a three week residential trial with me wrote this:
Dani, thank you so much for all the help and on-going support you give me. When I started out with you I was two stone over weight and very unfit due to multiple injuries. I have enjoyed the information you so enthusiastically conveyed enormously! Within the very short time of three weeks I have not only lost over 10 lb in body weight. I became fitter too. I could increase my walking speed to almost double that with which I'd started and I could also walk uphill on your treadmill. I started doing free weights and use your multigym. Both helped to strengthen the muscles to support the joints I'd damaged many times over in the past. Your constant gentle but firm reminders regarding food choices and exercises have given me a new lease of life. Now, six months later, I am two stone lighter and a whole lot fitter. And the best thing is that I have gained the knowledge to carry on for life with the good habits you instilled in me. [At 68 years young, yes: young, I can honestly say that I'm much healthier and fitter than over the past 20 odd years of my life. Thank you Dani, thank you so much for all your help and dedication. You're a star!]