Residentials coming soon

Elina, who has done a three week residential trial in January with me, wrote this in July 2012:

Dani, thank you so much for all the help and on-going support you give me. When I started out with you I was two stone over weight and very unfit due to multiple injuries. I have enjoyed the information you so enthusiastically conveyed enormously and though there was a lot of it I’ve taken all you said on board! Within the very short time of three weeks I had not only lost over 10 lb in body weight. I became fitter too. I could increase my walking speed to almost double that with which I’d started and I could also walk uphill on your treadmill. I started doing free weights and use your multigym. Both helped to strengthen the muscles to support the joints I’d damaged many times over in the past. Your constant gentle but firm reminders regarding food choices and exercises have given me a new lease of life. I never knew it was so easy to change one’s way and that the right food choices combined with regular personal training have such a positive impact on my well-being! Now, six months later, I am two stone lighter and a whole lot fitter. And the best thing is that I gained the knowledge to carry on for life with the good habits you instilled in me.  I have joined a gym in my home town and I choose the foods you suggested I’d eat to improve my health. At 68 years young, yes: young, I can honestly say that I’m much healthier and fitter now than I were over the past 20 odd years of my life. Thank you Dani, thank you so much for all your help and dedication. You’re a star!