Register of Exercise Professionals

The aim of the Register of Exercise Professionals is it to create a framework in which each individual fitness trainer or personal trainer can achieve the highest standards of professionalism which is linked to the best practice in the health and fitness industry. It is a self-regulating system for all instructors, coaches and teachers involved in teaching or supervising people who exercise. Entry to the REPs register is by qualification and all members must undertake some continuing professional development in order to keep their knowledge, skills and professionalism up to date.

This is what I endorse and uphold when I train my clients. As a YMCA personal trainer holding a GP Exercise Referral Certificate I am a member of the REPs register at their highest level, level IV. As a member of the REPs register I uphold my professional standards by being committed to ongoing training. I always promote the execution of safe and effective exercises.

I am not only a long standing member of the Register of Exercise Professionals but I also have professional insurance with the REPs register. Be assured that you’ll receive personal training of the highest standard when we start working together for you to achieve your goals quickly and have lots of fun on the way.