Personal Fitness Benefits

Personal fitness is part of total fitness and encompasses a whole host of different categories of fitness like for instance physical fitness, nutritional fitness, social fitness and emotional fitness.

To experience personal fitness benefits you don’t have to turn into a “gym rat”. All you have to do to improve your health is 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise five times per week. This does not have to be formal fitness training and you can split the 30 minutes into three 10 minute sessions or two 15 minute exercise sessions. Everyone has enough time to do this! Just walk to the post box or get your Sunday paper by walking to the shops rather than driving. Park the car further away from the shops. Walk the children to school: it’s good for you and for them! Mow the lawn and clean the windows yourself or wash your car. And make the weekend one to enjoy the great out-doors.

Here are some of the personal fitness benefits. Regular physical exercise will:

  • lower LDL (low density lipoprotein – the “bad one”)
  • increase HDL (high density lipoprotein – the “good one”)
  • lower Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • improve the cardiovascular system
  • lower the risk of a Stroke
  • lower the resting heart rate so there is less strain on the heart
  • lower stress
  • control diabetes mellitus II (adult onset diabetes)
  • improve oxygen uptake by the inner organs
  • help control obesity
  • may lower the risk of some cancers, namely bowel cancer
  • reduces risk of osteoporosis
  • aids recovery from injury
  • improves flexibility
  • lifts depression
  • promotes healthy sleep
  • widens social circle

Because of the pull of the muscles on the bones regular physical exercise lowers the risk of osteoporosis, which is particularly important for women who are past the menopause, it improves muscular strength and muscular endurance, it helps prevent injury as you become more competent in your movements, it aids recovery from injury and lifestyle diseases and it improves body awareness. It also improves your flexibility through stretching.

Being physically active on a regular basis lifts depression because endorphin levels rise (the body’s own “feel-good hormones”), it improves anxiety and mental and physical alertness, it promotes healthy sleep and widens the social circle.

But perhaps one of the biggest personal fitness benefits is this:
Regular physical activity can push back the barriers of biological aging by as much as 25 years and perhaps even more!
Just imagine looking and feeling like a 30 year old when, in fact, you are 50. I really can’t think of any better incentive to exercise on a regular basis and improve your well-being, looking and feeling great.

So don’t delay, act now! I offer bespoke personal training, may this be in my own private gym or you may want to get fit at home. Many of my clients feel better for it already!