Paul succeeds in 10k run

Running should be a normal daily activity but no so when you’re four stone over-weight and unfit. Paul from Sheffield is a long standing friend. When he started training he was very over weight but this did not deter him from achieving his dream; to take part in a 10k run. Paul joined a local gym while I coached him over the Internet sending him his personal training program via email. We had frequent discussion on-line about how Paul lost weight and became fitter. Nine months after Paul started his training program he achieved his goal and was a victorious 10 kilometer runner. Afterwards he sent me this personal trainer testimonial:

“I’d been going to the gym on and off for years, not really following a routine or programme and not really enjoying it as much as I should. However, after following a programme recommended by Dani, it has revitalised my enjoyment of going for a workout and in just 4 weeks has helped me lose over 7lbs. Following a regular workout pattern whilst focusing on key areas on different days makes each visit different and enjoyable.”