Weight loss and nutrition go hand-in-hand and optimum nutrition is what our bodies need to function properly whether we are active, rest or sleep. To lose weight you don’t need a calorie counter to determine your dietary requirements, just some basic knowledge and a healthy eating plan. This is why I teach Healthy Living seminars, which are great fun, very informative and offer a lot of “hands-on” experience. Contact me for your opportunity to learn the ins and outs of healthy eating not just for yourself but also for the benefit of your family.

Your body at rest (sleep) needs energy in form of calories, which is called the BMA or Basic Metabolic Rate. This energy requirement depends on your body weight and is different for every person. If you do any activity then your energy requirement increases and is specific to the type and duration of the exercise.
For optimum nutrition you need to provide your body with all vital nutrients to live a healthy life. It is desirable to know about healthy eating data so you can make an informed choices and devise your optimum eating program.

Athletes require a very specific diet geared for the athlete to be at peak performance for their specific sport. An optimum nutrition program is of utmost importance to ensure that health does not suffer because of the constant demand of the working muscles. Food must provide an energy and nutrient balance to ensure good health.

Our main nutrients are:

  • Water; without water we suffer head aches in the shortest time. If dehydration carries on we get lethargic and suffer many of today’s lifestyle diseases. Three to four days without any water and you’ll be dead.
  • Complex Carbohydrates; our main source of energy. These are carbohydrates that do not stick to your teeth like sugary foods.
  • Proteins; they are essential for growth and repair of body tissue. Children need a lot of it.
  • Fats; Important for manufacturing certain hormones (vital for a healthy body) and fat soluble vitamins.
  • Vitamins; both water and fat soluble vitamins play an important role in essential bodily functioning.
  • Minerals; they are inorganic in nature but are of utmost importance for ensuring that your body functions properly. Important nutrition for nerves.
  • Insoluble Carbohydrates or Fibre; this is essential to your health of the digestive system.

I am a highly qualified personal trainer with GP Referral qualification. I am also a member of the prestigious Register of Exercise Professionals at their highest level. I have a unique approach to healthy eating and optimum nutrition in that I provide my clients with loads of information on an on-going basis during their training. However, if you’d rather study the whole subject over a weekend then check out my next Healthy Living seminar.