Jane is a lot fitter

Injury and a busy family life are often the reason for putting dietary matters and fitness training on the back burner. Once you start though, you’ll see a quick improvement.  Jane from Bramhall gives her personal trainer testimonial:

“I started to do home personal training with Dani in June 2003. At the time I had several pre-existing health problems, including lower back pain, knee pain and gastrointestinal problems. Also I was relatively unfit, a little overweight and a product of years of yo-yo dieting.

Dani is not just a personal fitness trainer. Not only does she design a fitness regime that is appropriate to the individual, she advises on dietary matters on a personal level. This comes from the enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding that Dani has on human anatomy and physiology, exercise and fitness, and nutrition. Dani adopts a very sensible and non-pressurising approach to both exercise and nutrition, but she is still, nonetheless, firm with her clients. She genuinely cares for their well-being. My back pain has improved enormously, since I started to see Dani. Due to her influence, I have stopped dieting and feeling guilty when I eat. My body fat has reduced and I am a little lighter and a lot fitter and more toned. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a fitness instructor to anyone.”

Jane still trains with me on a weekly basis as she finds personal training with me more rewarding than working out on her own at a impersonal gym.