Initial Consultation

Once you have decided that now is the right time to change your life and become fit and healthy or lose weight through home personal training the next step is to book your free initial consultation with me. We will meet at a place of your choice where we discuss the most beneficial way forward for your home personal training. Many of my clients choose to meet me at my, own, private gym.

The free initial meeting is your chance to find out how you’ll benefit from your fitness training with me. You’ll be able to check out my qualifications and how my clients benefit through their personal training with me. Once we’ve agreed to go ahead with personal training from home we will conduct a thorough fitness assessment which forms the basis for your bespoke training program with me. To help you succeed in reaching your goals easily while having fun I will coach you all the way and also offer exercise counselling including nutritional advice. Should you be of mature age or suffer with any of today’s common ailments I can offer very specialist advice and training to you.

I will encourage you all the way, monitor your performance and update your personal training program while you achieve your targets, looking and feeling better and healthier in the shortest possible time. I will also do regular fitness assessments so you have records of how quickly your health and looks are improving. So make sure you don’t miss out on your free initial consultation to kick start your home personal training with me!