I got my life back

Approaching a milestone birthday is often an incentive to change eating and lifestyle habits. Sadly taking fitness training into your own hands isn’t always the best way forwards as Sharon from Didsbury acknowledged in her testimonial:

“I started training on my own with the aim of getting fit and losing weight for my 40th birthday after seeing how great a colleague looked and finding out her secret (Dani). I had really started to get into my fitness training at a local gym when sadly I slipped a disc and ended up under the care of a physio. I decided to contact Dani, who I knew sorts out back problems.

Personal training with Dani has given me my life back. Regular training with Dani has strengthened my back and I am now back doing all the things I love again. The added bonus is I have lost 22 pounds to date and have dropped at least one dress size. The main thing for me is that I feel great and psychologically the twice weekly training with Dani has given me a real buzz. Dani has shown me health and fitness is a way of life and I experience the real benefits now….. I look forward to my 40th in September and know Dani and I will have achieved my personal goals and I have gained a real friend.”