Healthy Living 2

Seminar 3: Healthy Living part 2

Now, this is the REAL stuff with lots and lots of practicals! This two day seminar is an expansion on what you’ve learnt in Seminar 2 (Healthy Living 1) with a multitude on practical hands-on learning and exercises. By the end of it you will have gained a profound understanding of how to make sense of food labels, how to avoid the many pitfalls we are constantly faced with regarding our heath, diet, fitness and well-being. You will have learnt how to distinguish fact from fiction and how to make the right choices for your new healthy lifestyle.

Having achieved proficiency in this seminar, you will know how to turn your life and diet around to enjoy your new fit and healthy you. You will know precisely why it is important to exercise and what fitness routine suits you best. And not only that, you’ll be well equipped to use your new knowledge to ensure your family and friends benefit too. What are you waiting for? Give me a ring to start your new healthier future now.

Healthy Living part 2 is taught as a weekend seminar (some exceptions are possible); 10am till 5pm both days. Refreshments and lunches provided.
Price: £170 per person. Group discount available.