Healthy Living 1

Seminar 2: Healthy Living part 1

This two day seminar gives you a broad understanding of a healthy lifestyle and builds on Seminar 1 (an introduction to the seven components of total fitness). However Seminar 1 is not necessarily a requirement for you to gain most benefits from this holistic approach of the ins and outs of physical fitness, the benefits of exercises, nutrition, healthy food, a well balanced diet, healthy snacks and how to avoid many of today’s lifestyle diseases. You will learn what foods benefit your health and how to create healthy snacks and a healthy diet that you can incorporate into your every day life. You will learn about super foods and the 40 steps to a healthy life.

Healthy Living part 1 is taught as a weekend seminar (some exceptions are possible); 10am till 5pm both days. Refreshments and lunches are provided both days.
Price: £170 per person. Group discount available. Contact me to find out how you and your family will benefit.

[Joy from Styal wrote in after she completed this seminar: “Dear Dani. Thank you so much for a most enjoyable and informative seminar. You put so much work, time and thought into the course and gave so much of yourself. I felt very pampered and well looked after with lots of tasty nibbles, interesting kcals and lovely lunches. Is there no end to your talent?! Looking forward to the next!!”]