Gym Instructor

Recovering from a “slipped disc” and multiple injuries to both knees was the first step of my becoming a YMCA gym instructor. How’s that might you ask? It were the exercises I’d been doing to stabilise my spine and knee joints that made total optimum health and well-being possible for me again. When I realised how very important the correct way of exercising is to one’s health I wanted to pass on my knowledge and enrolled with one of the best training providers to set out on my new career.

As a well qualified instructor I have a vast knowledge of different exercises and gym workouts whether that’s for cardiovascular or weight training. I will always ensure the correct and safe use of fitness equipment and encourage you to follow a well balanced exercise routine. I am able to prescribe very specialised gym workouts whether you want to train in my home gym or maybe out of doors or your place of work. There is no need for special gym wear or buying gym equipment, like dumbbells or exercise bikes as I provide all necessary gym equipment for your total fitness workout.

I have worked as a home gym instructor for more than 12 years and I own my own private gym since 9 years. With my passion for health and well-being I will make sure you reach your goal quickly, safely and, very importantly, that you enjoy your training! So if you want to look forward to a lifetime of total fitness give me a ring to discuss your gym workouts.