GP Exercise Referral Certificate

Since I became a well qualified personal trainer some 14 years ago I knew that my personal trainer certification is already an excellent qualification in itself. However, I wanted to help my clients even more than “simply” concentrating on fitness and nutritional issues so I enrolled with the Gayton Group to train for a qualification achieving a GP Exercise Referral Certificate.

This very prestigious Certification qualifies me to train anyone suffering with any of today’s many lifestyle diseases up to, and including, cardio-rehabilitation stage IV. As it happens most of my clients contact me when they notice a negative change in their state of health, which usually improves very quickly due to the in home personal training I prescribe. Anyone can engage in at home personal training what ever their age or state of health. My holding the GP Exercise Referral Certificate is your assurance that you will train with one of the very best personal trainers in the field. Check out some of the testimonials my happy clients sent in.

Most conditions brought on by one of the lifestyle diseases is dramatically improved in a very short time once we start exercising. The broad and in-depth knowledge I can draw on enables me to take medical conditions into account when devising your specialised fitness program. Give yourself the best possible chance to be and stay healthy for life. Give me a call to arrange you free initial consultation.