Food and Nutrition

In today’s fast track approach to life it is very easy to forget about a well-balanced diet and the fact that food is there for a single reason: to provide our bodies with enough energy to keep us alive and to perform our daily tasks. We don’t need any more than that, just enough fuel in the form of healthy food to function properly. A healthy eating plan will provide you with all the healthy food and nutrition you need for optimum health.

However most of today’s people opt for ready prepared meals instead which are usually high in dietary fat and sugars piling on the pounds.  If you learn how easy it is to devise a healthy eating plan using diet tips and giving your body all it needs for good health you’d never waste your money on “quick” ready meals again which only make you fat and jeopardize your health! Do you know that the taste enhancer glutamate is an additive in most ready meals resulting directly in unwanted weight gain? Forget your brand name burger, Chinese or Indian take-aways! Instead put some fish in the oven, quick fry a juicy steak in a little fat and eat with a mountain of delicious steamed vegetables or a fresh salad. Nothing is easier and quicker than that! Food and nutrition data form part of the healthy eating plan I provide my clients with. A balanced meal plan containing all essential food groups is easy to devise and simple to implement once you learn the basics.

Rather than snacking on delicious fruit and vegetables we often chose snacks which are high in sugar and fat like cakes, chocolate, crisps etc. This will lead to a surge in blood sugar levels but, equally quickly, the blood sugar level will plummet again. You will feel hungry and peckish and opt for the next quick fix of simple carbohydrates. Combine this with a lack of physical exercises and you’re asking for problems like escalating body weight, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus II, high blood cholesterol and even some forms of cancer! Be smart; opt for healthy nourishing food on your new healthy eating plan now.

Simply cutting back on your total food intake is not good enough as your body needs a well balanced diet to stay healthy. The current government recommendation regarding food and nutrition is to consume a diet where 60% of the overall calorific intake derives from complex carbohydrates, 30% from fat and 10% from proteins. On top of that you should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and incorporate plenty of water into your healthy eating plan as the human body tissues are made of up to 70% of water.

Some people may require very specific food groups to be at peak performance for their specific sport which usually means more protein to repair body tissue after heavy exercise. A well balanced meal plan is of utmost importance to ensure that health does not suffer because of the constant demand of the working muscles. Food and nutrition must provide an energy and nutrient balance to ensure good health.

If you want to lose weight be warned; quick fix low calorie meals or meal replacements never work long term, they only lead to yo-yo dieting usually resulting in an overall weight gain over the years. If this sounds familiar all you need is a little knowledge about food and nutrition and a healthy eating plan to achieve a desirable body composition for life. You don’t need to count calories, you don’t even need to weigh your food. Let me teach you about food and reading food labels and in the very near future you’ll be your own success story. Ring me now.