Flexibility exercises are an important part of overall physical fitness. To define this important component of total fitness we say it is the maximum ROM (range of movement) around a joint, or series of joints, and is specific to a particular joint or set of joints.

Imagine sitting in a chair most of the day like a lot of us do: driving to work, performing a desk bound job, driving back home, sitting down for dinner and relaxing in a comfy chair in front of the television. If this sounds familiar then just spare a moment thinking about a very important set of muscles: the hamstrings (back of thigh). The hamstrings are being asked to do a permanent hamstring curl, which means they are contracted (shortened) most of the day. As the hamstrings are attached to the pelvis and pulling it out of alignment when shortened a person with shortened hamstrings will suffer with lower back pain sooner or later. Incorporating stretching exercises to increase overall mobility helps prevent this crippling disease.

Likewise, part of our modern lifestyle is the constant use of a computer, may this be for business or during leisure time. A person using a keyboard a lot will have shortened chest muscles which leads to rounded shoulders. This causes upper back and neck problems. So what can you do to ensure a healthy upper and lower back? Well, this is actually very easy. The answer is regular flexibility exercises stretching the muscles which have been shortened over a prolonged period of time due to our modern way of living. Doing flexibility exercises on a regular basis will improve your all-round fitness leading to a healthier life.

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Stretching should be done on a regular basis, i.e. 3 times per week for 10 to 30 seconds for each muscle or muscle group to a point of mild discomfort. By stretching regularly you can improve your quality of life considerably as a lot of the day-to-day tasks can be done in an  easier and much safer way. It should always be done when the muscles are warm, in other words after a pre-exercise warm up or at the end of the exercise session.