My Fitness Qualifications

Here is a quick over-view of my qualifications.

I hold university degrees in

  • Biology
  • Food Science
  • Physics and Chemistry

I am a

  • YMCA Gym Instructor
  • YMCA Personal Trainer

I am qualified to do

  • GP Exercise Referrals up to Cardio Rehabilitation, level IV

I am a

  • Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals

At this point in time there is no legal requirement for formal training to attain fitness qualifications so if you employ a Wilmslow personal trainer you are well advised to check credentials.

When I meet with a new client for our initial free consultation I make a point to to let the client check my many certifications as I will be looking after my client’s health, exercise regime and diet for a while and what could be worse than ”handing over the reigns” to someone who may be ill (or not at all) qualified.

I became a YMCA qualified gym instructor first and carried on to gain the YMCA personal trainer qualification, which encompasses 10 different disciplines regarding fitness training. When I set up my own personal training business I registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) at their highest level, level III. To be able to help my clients beyond personal training I studied with the Gayton group and passed their demanding GP Exercise Referral Qualification with top marks.

All of those qualifications are your guarantee that you’ll be training with one of the very best personal trainers in Wilmslow to help you achieve your lifetime health and wellness goals. Give me a ring.