Fitness for Older Adults

To enjoy good health as a senior regular exercises and staying active is key. If you’re not already fit and active it is a good idea to start your new healthy living routine now to delay the onset of premature ageing. It is a myth that growing older goes hand in hand with physical disability or deteriorating mental capacity. Both, the body and brain need to be trained on a regular basis to enjoy senior-hood in good health and independence.

Plenty of research goes into fitness tips for seniors and the findings speak for themselves: regular physical activity can push back the barriers of biological ageing by as much as 25 years; and I’ve recently learned that it may even be up to 40 years! Just imagine a 60 year old looking and feeling like a 40 year old. If that is no incentive to exercise on a regular basis I don’t know what is.

And here is another interesting fact: a group of 78 to 94 year olds were given an eight week muscular strength training program. All of the seniors improved their muscular strength during that time with the 94 year old coming first. He improved his muscular strength by a massive 300%. This just goes to show that fitness for older adults can be done at any age. Don’t miss out; give me ring to start your new bespoke Personal Training, Wilmslow,  program today for a healthier, happier independent life into old age.

However, exercise for seniors requires very specialist knowledge about the ageing process of the human body. So you are well advised to make sure you’ll receive your training program from a well qualified personal trainer in Wilmslow. I have more than 12 years of experience training seniors. Balance exercises for seniors and chair exercises for seniors are just part of my huge repertoire I can draw on. Together we will work on improving your condition quickly and safely. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but better health to look forward to. Give me a ring for your free initial consultation.

Fitness for older adults is especially important for anyone who suffers with one of today’s many lifestyle diseases. Often, hospitalisation or moving into a home for the elderly can be postponed or even completely avoided through regular physical exercise.

When exercising, fitness for older adults and exercises for seniors don’t need to be a “softly softly” approach. I know of many people in their sixties and seventies who are fitter than someone in their forties and this is normally due to regular physical exercises and a healthy diet. So ring me now to start improving your life in every way.