Fitness for Children

If you follow the press you’ll know that physical fitness for children is of utmost importance. 8% of all four year old kids in this country are already clinically obese whilst a staggering 25% of children are over weight and those figures are on the increase! So it is very important to introduce children to exercise at an early age to set them up for a healthy and fit life ahead.

Sadly most modern parents don’t have the time to devise workout programs for children and sort out exercise for kids. So this is where personal training can contribute massively to the health and fitness of our youngsters. You don’t need your children to exercise in the gym; home personal training done at the place of your child’s choice will be so much better for them as they will really enjoy it.  Give me a call to discuss options.

I am a highly qualified personal trainer versed about a child’s growing body: the bones are a lot softer than those of adults, the muscles are not fully developed, lungs and heart are smaller as are all other inner organs. Therefore, if a child would train in the same way an adult does the child would very quickly damage vital organs, the bones and/or the muscles. I’ve studied physical fitness for children with Physical Professionals and will devise bespoke training programs for children. Give me a call.

We all know that physical fitness for children at school is inadequate. PE lessons fall short of a child’s need of being physically active during his waking hours in order for body tissues to develop properly. Time at home is often spent watching television and playing computer games rather than enjoying exercise. Out-door activities like cycling, running around in the park or simply kicking a ball around is often dismissed. Boys fare marginally better than girls.

Weekends are not much different either! One of the best liked “treats” for children is a trip to the local fast food place where they fill up on foods which are high in saturated fats and sugars both of which will lead to clogged arteries over time, especially when combined with a low activity level. It is no coincidence that even teenagers suffer heart attacks these days! A good way out of this vicious cycle is for parents to learn about healthy living.

Children as well as adults need an individual training program to develop healthily. If your child is taught about nutrition and activity at a young age you know that he/she is in an excellent position to implement all of the learning into his life for years to come. I offer both; physical fitness for children with a well thought of exercise program and nutritional advice.