Dani’s dedication improved my life

When you have a long standing back problem it’s all too easy to resign yourself to a life of non-activity and it takes a great deal of effort and conviction to change your way of life but it’s very rewarding if you do it!  Barry from Holmes Chapel has suffered with lower back pain for many years. His personal trainer testimonial reads:

“Having struggled with a deteriorating back problem for over 10 years I had been advised by the so called “specialists” that the only option for my recovery was surgery. I could not accept this; basically I was too scared to go through with it. Dani’s finite attention to detail to diagnose my problems soon convinced me otherwise. Finding home personal trainer Dani has made a huge difference to my life and every day activities. I can honestly say that Dani’s dedication improved my life beyond recognition. The biggest benefits I have gained are two fold. Firstly she has taught me that understanding my own body is absolutely critical to improvement. Form and posture are now always foremost in my routine. Secondly, Dani’s patience, attention to detail and dedication to identifying and fixing my back problem had to be matched by my own. This has probably been the hardest part of my recovery!”