Dani talked a lot of sense

Excruciating back pain due to a “slipped disc” forced Eric to take early retirement. Surgery seemed the only option. However, half a year of special exercises cured the problem.

Eric writes: “On 31 December 2003, I saw my GP who said that the pains in my back and left leg were due to sciatica. A neurosurgeon diagnosed a prolapsed disc with an extrusion pressing on the sciatic nerve. I was offered three alternatives: take tablets, have a steroid injection for temporary relief, or have an operation. A date was set for surgery.

Three weeks before the operation was due I met an old colleague and friend who recommended Dani. I arranged an assessment session with her. She talked a lot of sense and I decided to continue with Dani. I’m glad I did! Now 5 months and and 20 exercise sessions later, I’m practically pain free. I’m feeling much fitter and am able to do many of the things I want to do. In time, I believe I’ll be able to do MOST of the things I want to.

Dani’s approach is gradual, knowledgeable, very careful, and educational. She explains how the exercises relate to the body and to the problem, and she encourages me to feel what is right, and to stop if anything feels wrong”.

And in 2005 Eric writes:

“In the last 12 months I’ve done indoor rock wall climbing, been swimming, played table tennis, made some fairly large furniture items and done my own gardening. The trick is to always keep a good posture, and to rest for long enough BEFORE you get tired. I also helped my friend move some of his mother-in-law’s possessions to the tip. Some of it were heavy things like old white goods and books. They had to be carried up metal stairs to be put into the skips at Blackpool tip. I was able to carry them up the stairs with no problem. My back is amazing. I value having a fit back. I am aware of it. I listen to it. There is no way I would push it beyond its limits”.

*Dani’s comment: Eric is still my “client” in 2012, one of my longest standing clients of almost nine years to date. Not because Eric still needs my professional help but because he enjoys working out in my own private gym. And we improve and increase his workout sessions all the time. Eric, you’re a star! You have demonstrated that your trust in yourself and the specialised personal training sessions with me saved you from surgery. Read full testimonials.