Cardio Training

Cardio, cardiovascular training or training of the heart leads to better stamina and is essentially important for good health and we should all do more of it. Unfortunately our modern lifestyle is often to blame that we all sit too much: in front of the computer, in the car traveling to and from work or to relax after work in front of the television. A special weekend treat is often a meal out in a restaurant rather than a walk in the park.

This lack of physical activity shows: a staggering 1 in 12 of all four year olds in this country are already clinically obese! And: only 1 in 20 of all adults in this country can sustain a 15 minute walk up a 5% incline! Cardio training will not only help you improve your own life but it will also help improve the health of the nation limiting spiralling NHS costs! Once you experience the fantastic feeling that ensues after your cardiovascular fitness workout with a personal trainer looking after you, you’ll want to do it again and again and you will feel and look better for it in the shortest period of time! I’m a highly qualified personal trainer and I will make sure you achieve great results fast. Ring me now for your free initial consultation.

So what is cardiovascular fitness? Cardio fitness describes the ability of your heart to pump enough oxygen around your body for all your vital organs to use. The better your cardio fitness the less stress there is on your heart to do the job. If you are not working out five times per week for 30 minutes to a point where your heart rate is raised above the resting heart rate then you are not achieving the suggested target. This means that you may want to improve your stamina, as cardiovascular fitness is often referred to.

Cardio training will help improve most lifestyle diseases and it will benefit you in many ways. It will:

  • improve your looks
  • help you slim down and stay slim
  • improve oxygen uptake of vital organs
  • lower resting heart rate reducing stress on the heart
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce certain types of cancer
  • increase endorphins, the body’s own feel-good hormones
  • improve sleep
  • improve looks
  • knocks years off your age

I am a highly qualified personal trainer guaranteeing you a professional and safe cardiovascular fitness training tailored to your individual needs. I am a cardio trainer who prescribes bespoke fitness training whether you’re already fit and want to improve your fitness even further or whether you are a mature adult possibly even chair bound or immobile. And to make cardiovascular exercises really easy and enjoyable you can do your personal cardio training in my own private gym or in the comfort of your own home. Just give me a call to start now.