Body Max™

Body Max™ is easily my most favourite workout for fitness at home! It is a weight workout to the bodymax rhythm or otherwise know as the workout with steel. It is aerobic in nature and a weight workout at the same time offering the best of both worlds.  Plus it is a lot of fun making you want to stick to your fitness training. You simply couldn’t ask for a better all-round workout! This workout trains a maximum number of muscles/muscle groups in the shortest period of time while being mega fun at the same time. Even long standing clients of mine are positively surprised when I introduce them to my favourite workout routine and it isn’t un-heard off that I get a feedback along the lines of “and I thought I knew it all ,,,,, but how wrong was I”. If you can’t bear to miss out on the best fitness training under the sun just drop me a line.

So what exactly is bodymax? Body Max™ is a Workout with Steel using dumbbells for muscular strength and muscular endurance training. 32 repetitions are used for the workout to the Body Max™ Rhythm, slowing the exercises progressively down. It can be used to work each muscle individually or you can work whole muscle groups at the same time which means it is easily adaptable to the very fit person or the not so fit one. A very important feature of this fitness routine is focusing on core stability and strengthening the relevant muscles to help promote good posture and well being. It is a Mind-Body approach to exercise which suggests that when you concentrate on a certain muscle working while you exercise, this muscle will work more efficiently and harder so you gain greater benefits.

Body Max™ training not only brings good and fast results, it is also very varied and it is good fun. In choosing the right exercises it can be used to tone muscles and shape the body. For anyone new to bodymax exercise it can be done without weights initially, although weights should be used sooner or later to achieve faster and better results leading you to a fitter better looking self. Contact me now for your new fun workout. Bodymax lends itself perfectly to fitness at home as it doesn’t require a lot of floor space. You won’t need any home gym equipment just a step, some dumbbells, the desire to get fit and a smile.

I am a highly qualified personal trainer prescribing this type of fitness training frequently to achieve maximum results for my clients. This type of workout is equally beneficial for the young, the experienced person doing fitness training as it is for the older adult or someone new to fitness at home.