I grew up in the 1960s in the wonderful green city of (West) Berlin and I’m doing fitness training for as long as I can remember. Research into physical activity did not exist then so I encountered a few injuries along the way as no one showed me correct posture during exercising. A so called “slipped disc” and ligament damage to both knees while skiing were just some of them. In rectifying those problems I started studying exercise anatomy and physiology and devised my, own, successful treatment against back pain. My university degrees helped in that I’d already studied biology, physics and chemistry as well as food science. The latter gives me a magnificent insight into anything food and diet related when I teach any of my seminars or advise on nutrition and how it can help prevent lifestyle diseases. Please check my qualifications here.

I worked in a research lab at the FUB (Free University of Berlin) until I moved to England in 1985, again working in science but never losing sight of fitness, exercises and healthy eating which I enjoyed and still enjoy. It needed another injury to one of my knees in 1998 that set me on the road to becoming a personal fitness trainer. To recover from that last injury I started to work out at my local gym under the knowledgeable instruction of my eldest son who was one of their fitness instructors.
My knee injury soon healed due to the correct exercises and I started to enjoy a bit of body building. Other gym members noticed the change in me: my “typical” pear shape changed to a very nice stream lined appearance, I felt and looked years younger and I received compliments galore. Not long and I started to train to become a personal trainer myself at the tender age of 50. The rest is, as they say, history. After gaining experience as a fitness trainer in a council gym I transferred, and subsequently run, a large hotel gym before setting up my own personal training business in 2001.  Since 2003 I own my private gym.